I have always been the creative one in my family. At various points in my life I have expressed my creativity through many outlets including painting, jewelry making, photography, and even my first career path as a hairstylist. I have had a camera as far back as I can remember and always loved the magic of capturing the world as I saw it. When I decided that I wanted to take my photography to the next level I went back to school and earned my degree in portrait and wedding photography. 

I am grateful to have found a career that allows me to express my creative side to capture the moments that matter most to people just like you. From the "I do's" to expanding families and other milestones in life, the images we create will last a lifetime. I love everything about weddings from: getting to meet new people, seeing the love each couple shares, watching their personalities come out in the details of the day. Many of my past wedding clients have come back when their family has expanded and there is no greater honor to me that that. I love watching your family grow and capturing those precious moments.

I am also drawn to capturing city skylines, sunsets, and other scenic things that catch my eye. I very fortunately have been able to turn this side of my photography into a budding business. In the last year I participated in a couple very large art festivals, and will continue that this year. Feel free to browse thru my galleries to see my work. 

When I am not taking photos you can find me spending time with my wonderfully supportive husband of nearly 10 years, or spending quality time with friends. When you book your wedding photography with me, chances are pretty high that my second photographer is my husband Mike. Back when I was going to school he took a few classes with me so he would be able to share in my passion for capturing the special moments in life.